Hello, thanks for visiting my web site.

I began my professional singing career in 2000 by undertaking a music degree in the Conservatorium of music at the Adelaide University. I studied voice as a part of the Batchelor of music under the watchful eye of well known Bass, Keith Hempton.
It was during these years that I was introduced to the wonderful world of music for Tenor, particularly music composed between the 1920s - 1970s. There is of course plenty of wonderful music to be heard and performed outside of these dates which I also enjoy presenting, but this was a golden era for all ranges of the voice which I am always delighted to share with those who remember the musicals, ballads and songs of that time.

During my time at university I performed in a number of operas and oratorios including Mendelssohn's "Elijah", Handels "Messiah" and Monteverdis "Orfeo".
After my graduation in 2003 my intention was to undertake some post graduate study in Music Therapy. To that end, supported by my lovely wife and family, we moved from Adelaide to Brisbane to pursue that goal.

Upon arriving in Brisbane I realised there was a need to provide entertainment for the elderly in aged care facilities and retirement villages, and the very young in child care facilities and schools.
Aged care facilities and retirement villages are all over this country, with many of our elderly unable to attend concerts for one reason or another, for me the answer was simple, I will take a concert to them.
I was delighted to find a huge audience who were thrilled to hear the wonderful music of days gone by.
The joy and happiness which people gain from revived memories is the BEST music therapy they can get! Also for myself, there is the satisfaction I receive from observing the positive affect my singing has on listeners of all ages.

I hope you enjoy my singing as much as I enjoy performing for you.

Stephen Hyndman.



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Please go to the samples page and listen to some of my singing. I currently have 3 CD's that are available for purchase and I have plans for another soon. My repertoire consists of over 200 songs which are a mixture of....
Irish / Scottish ballads
I am available to perform for small or large functions, including weddings and funerals. You are welcome to contact me for a quotation for your special event.

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